Recommendation on data gathering and quality of data – Goele Bossaert & Pieter Vos

This workshop will deal with issues concerning data gathering, data quality and the use of the collected data. Building upon the experience we have in gathering data, ensuring the data quality of the higher education database and the use of this data, we will explore practical issues and how we deal with them. There will also be room to discuss the experiences and the problems of the participants.

Guidelines on data reusability for eQuATIC – Paul Leys

This practical hands on workshop will introduce the audience to the data behind the indicators for eQuATIC. How this data can be collected, how it should be made compliant with the data templates and how to read these templates. Also potential pitfalls one may encounter will be addressed and concrete tips on how to handle data in repositories in function of reusability.

Are you data capable? – Andy Youell

The presentation will explore the challenges we face as we attempt to meet the opportunities presented by the ever-increasing power of information technology. It will set out how the UK higher education sector has responded to the data capability agenda and consider what lessons we can take from this experience.

Partnerships from a data driven  perspective – Britta Piel

During this session examples of how Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) uses data to assess and advance and monitor its internationalization agenda will be discussed. One such example is the evaluation of FUB’s liaison offices abroad through tracking their performance and measuring their significance for the institution’s wider strategy. Another is a mapping process of all partnerships in order to assess their performance and develop strategic partnerships. The process and methods used as well as the lessons learned from it might be helpful for other universities to create ways of assessing impact of partnerships.

A South perspective on partnerships – Milton Obamba

Description will be added soon

eQuATIC framework and launch of the tool – Paul Leys

Available data -> comparable indicator scores -> easy to read information.

That is the core concept of eQuATIC. During the presentation the framework behind eQuATIC will be explained. The result of this framework is on online webservice, the actual tool, and will be demonstrated.